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unspoken loving and giving

Unspoken Loving and Giving

Recently, I paid a visit to one of my neighbours, whom I barely knew for a few months, to have a chat with her. It was meant to be a short visit to keep in touch with her. Interestingly, she invited me into her home and I ended up staying for more than an hour, listening to her story.

She started taking up responsibilities at the age of 16, took care of the house and her 3 younger siblings, providing them with daily needs and ensuring that she gave the best of things she could afford at that time. She wasn’t only an elder sister to them, she was a teacher as well. She taught and became a role model for them to learn what it took to be a good person. As times went on, she also started to play a giving role to the strangers around her such as buying unsold food from markets and giving it away, inviting people to her house for a meal even if they are domestic helpers around the neighborhood, doing whatever she could to help others.

Today, she’s in her 60s, still doing the same and her siblings are all grown up and able to take care of themselves. But what inspires me most are the things that she did and how people reciprocated with gratitude and happiness. Her neighbours started giving back to her by bringing her homemade food. Her siblings pay her a visit every week, keeping her company and cooks for her.

“When we were young, you took care of us. Now, it is our turn to take care of you”. Is what her siblings said to her. At that moment, what I felt was a simple love and a giving heart that has reaped back so much more gratefulness than expected.

This simple experience reminded me of my mentor who did and taught me the same principles of having a giving heart and being grateful. Nobody has taught me that happiness comes from the simplest deeds that we do daily. Looking back, it was due to his love as a mentor and giving attitude towards me, that I have grown to become a better person, unleashing greater potential in me everyday. Thank you Sir, for coming into my life.

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