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The Millionaire Mentor

Why do we need a mentor? As illustrated by the Johari Window below, we need someone to cover our blind spots: issues known to others but unknown to the self.

If one says that one does not have any blind spot, my Millionaire Mentor, Shivaram Kumar will reply, “[You don’t have blind spots.] You have a blind country behind you.” The reality is that all of us have blind spots and need someone to help us minimise the number of mistakes resulting from them. You have a choice to either learn from a mentor (a.k.a. ‘wisdom’) or try it out on your own (a.k.a. ‘experience’). I personally have mentors in the areas of brain development (Lee Say Kheng), karate (Michael Sim), delivering powerful presentations (Blair Singer and Yeo Chak Khng), as well as achieving financial freedom (Kankan Bhattacharyya and Shivaram Kumar).

In 1998, I lost a substantial amount of money in business and sought to figure out why it happened. Here are three things that I have learnt (my wisdom):

Firstly, emotions and money do not go hand in hand. When we make decisions about money, we should always rely on facts and not the opinion of others. All emotions should be removed out of the decision-making process.

Secondly, rather than go into a good deal with bad people (which I did), it is better to go into a bad deal with good people. While there are numerous seemingly good deals around, these good deals can often turn bad if we are dealing with bad people who are only interested in making money for themselves. Conversely, if we deal with good people, a bad deal can be turned around because they have everyone’s interest at heart and want to make the deal work out for all parties.

Thirdly, mentorship is absolutely necessary. My loss of money came about because I had too many blind spots with no one to cover them for me. Today, I am receiving guidance from my awesome mentor, Kankan, who has been financially retired since 1 March 1996 at the age of 32. He remains retired, young and rich to date while mentoring me and my team to achieve the same status he has.

The Millionaire Mentor is a little book with a BIG message, offering sagely advice that you can use to move ahead in your work and life. It is a powerful parable with inspiring insights about believing in yourself, your objectives, your dreams, and taking action to achieve them!

Poignant and illuminating, it unlocks the secrets of winning in a simple yet profound way through a story about an entrepreneur and his protégé. The story begins when a young Oscar meets Roy, a wealthy businessman, outside a place called the Palace of Frozen Delights. Seeing Roy’s Mercedes, Oscar asked, “Wow! You must be rich. How did you get that way?” The conservation continued and Roy decided to take Oscar under his wing, meeting him monthly at the Palace. Oscar matures from a wide-eyed kid to a wealthy adult fuelled by Roy’s invaluable words of wisdom.

The story is uplifting yet pragmatic, philosophical and fun. It is an enjoyable, easy read punctuated by a series of unique motivational success cards embedded within the narrative. A strong but warm-hearted man, Roy teaches Oscar habits that you too can use to achieve not only material success, but also the ultimate fulfilment of finding and living your purpose.

An inspiring book and an absolute must-read.

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