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Participation or Failure

My experience with people has been that even before they start on a project or on what they want to do they start with quitting in their mind, sort of a back door. If it does not work I can quit. The back door mentality. I remember when I met my wife (girl friend) in my early 20’s we decided to have a relationship and test the waters if it does not work we could call it quits. Wrong start! At that time I had a friend staying with me temporarily from Malaysia working in Singapore, and I sought his counsel as he was a few years older than me. This was his advise, he said that there is’nt Mr or Miss right out there. If you start anything make a decision and work at it, to make it work. Love is a decision and not a infactuation. 

I did not understand that at that time now after 32 years of marriage, wisdom indicates that we work on our decision on a daily basis. In other words you participate 100% in your decision. The only failure in your decision is not participating 100 percent. Yes we have challenges that we face constantly and things don’t work out the way you want it to be. So than why these challenges? Challenges makes us stronger as we figure out how to covercome these challenges. The magic word put on your thinking cap and figure out solutions. 

Albert Einstein once quoted: ” Thinking is hard work thats why very few people engage in it”. Even if you do fail in the process temporarily, the journey is more important as you have participated 100 percent and the experience is the amount of mistakes we have accumulated and learnt from it. One process I use is this debrief process which I hope will help you figure out your solutions; take some time to pencil down your thoughts to these questions

Debrief Whats The Challenge?

1. What Happened?
2. Why?
3. What did you learn from this challenge?
4. What corrections are you willing to make?

The Key word is “What corrections are you willing to make” thats where true learning takes place.

The Only Failure is your Failure to Participate 100 Percent

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