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Lessons From Mentorship

For the past 20 odd years of my life, I have been a drifter. I was always following what the majority does; neither planning nor thinking for my own future. Not knowing what my purpose in life was, I took things as it came and went. Never did I ponder over the matter, or did anyone ask me this question growing up. If I were to stand in front of my own grave when I pass on, it would seem that the dash between my birth and death dates would not matter much at all.

It was only not long ago in my early twenties that I met a gentleman who shifted my perspective about life. He challenged my beliefs and guided my thinking by asking me tough questions. With my limited appreciation of mentorship and lack of clarity in life, he was intimidating to me.

However as I spent more time with him, I began to be acquainted with success principles that were never taught to me in my entire life before. Slowly but surely, things started to make sense to me. I became more aware of my own behaviours in different circumstances, and picked up skills such as financial and time management. These enabled me to cultivate the values and habits of successful people that I never had. The more I learn and apply these principles, the more my desire for excellence and success grew.

Now if anyone asks, “What has mentorship done for you?”, I would say that it has given me personal growth in various aspects of life, a shift in mindset towards business and wealth, and a redefined lifestyle aligned with these newly-acquired thought processes. Nonetheless, if I were to choose the most pertinent lessons I have learnt throughout these years, they would be having a vision and mentor in life. Though I may not have as much clarity as my mentor, he has allowed me to follow his vision of “Globally inspiring people in living privileged lives” until I have found my own.

Cruising through life without purpose had brought me somewhere, but leading a purposeful life has given me an experience like none other. Unlike being on the senseless path I was on before I met my mentor, today I wake up every morning with a sense of duty. Following a vision bigger than my own existence has led me to become more decisive in all that I do. On a daily basis, I now focus only on activities that move me closer towards fulfilling my adopted vision. If they do not serve it, I will promptly remove them from my life. It is a simple decision making process.

Guided by a vision and a mentor, the rest of life will certainly fall into place, naturally.

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