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Know Thyself!

know thyself

The saying “Know thyself” may refer by extension to the ideal of understanding human behavior, morals, and thought, because ultimately to understand oneself is to understand other humans as well. However, the ancient Greek philosophers thought that no man can ever comprehend the human spirit and thought thoroughly, so it would have been almost inconceivable to know oneself fully. Therefore, the saying may refer to a less ambitious ideal, such as knowing one’s own habits, morals, temperament, ability to control anger, and other aspects of human behavior that we struggle with on a daily basis. Source (

Do we really know who we are and this question evades us even till to date. Until we can discover who we truly are how are we going to achieve our dreams and our goals? I work with a team of individuals in the areas of personal development and coaching them to build an asset and internet based business. We have regular weekly sessions after our main e-commerce meetings and we call these sessions night owls, where we get together to have coffee and break bread together. On one of these sessions that was held at 11pm, my focus for that session was to approach the new year with a thankful and grateful heart. This email was sent by one of my team members, where he captured the thoughts and points of that night. I felt that this is worth sharing with the rest of the world.

“Happy New Year’s
I’ve been staying up pondering and looking through William’s awesome Night Owl today. Despite it lasting a short while, I think it will have a lasting impact for all those who attended the Night Owl. It struck me to just share with the team, especially the people who cannot make it for night owl due to various commitments as I believe the below information will be critical to shaping the coming year for all of us in William’s team. So… Do take some time off to go through them if you missed the session! 🙂 “

Objective: To discover yourself as a person in the coming year (not only in the business but in life as a whole)

Ask yourself this 8 questions and ponder over them, arrive at an answer and write them down:

    1. Who am I?
    2. What are my values?
    3 What is my current life as of to-date?
    4. What is my future life going to be like, any decisions I am making?
    5. What are my strengths and shortcomings?
    6. What are the opportunities and threats out there?
    7. What are 3 specific goals I have for myself for the upcoming year?
    8. What are the 3 things that I must do for the upcoming year or I shall perish..

Analyze what you have achieved so far? Be specific… During the year current year, what have you done to your life? What are some of the decisions that you have made which made you who you are. Focus on the positive things.


If we look back at the year and moan, whine and bitch relentlessly, facing the coming year will be a tedious and long journey for every single one of us. The very fact that we live right now, breathing the air around us and being able to read this very sentence is a sign of blessing so do count our blessings and give thanks. Effortless action only comes about being thankful for what we have. So here’s the final activity:

What are you thankful for in the current year? List down at least 10 (we all definitely have more than 10.. the list is inexhaustible of course, as many as you like)

The new year will be a year full of opportunities and it’s going to be a blast for every single one of us in William’s team! The problem is: It will only be so if our mind can conceive it and believe it! God’s greatest gift to us is the ability to believe in thyself. Make use of it and scaling greater heights in the echelons of success is a done deal for the ensuing year! Good faith FINISH IT OFF !!!

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