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Finding Meaning in Life

I was devastated.

After exhausting all the treatments available, I lost my grandma to a combination of heart congestion, diabetes and gangrene. It was also during this period when the usually unbeatable me felt a total sense of helplessness, failure and despair. It dawned upon me how fragile and helpless a man can be when his opponent is death itself. The promise that I have made to my grandma that I will bring her travelling in a certain destination cannot be fulfilled anymore.

When things finally settled down at home, my mentor—being much more than just a business mentor—calmly asked me these questions which changed my paradigm.

“What is the meaning of this event to you, in your life and vision?”

After experiencing the horrors of being a Holocaust survivor, Victor Frankl wrote in his famous book, Man’s Search for Meaning, that once we realise the meaning of the events in our life, we no longer see them as positive or negative in nature but reminders for us to live to our vision.

  • For me, I learnt that life is short, and people around me really do, and will, eventually die. It is important for me to act fast and not procrastinate. What I have waited till tomorrow starts tonight. There is nothing I can do about this regret of not fulfilling my grandma’s dream, but I can certainly prevent future ones from happening again.
  • I am a spiritual being, having a human experience in this lifetime. I ask myself, in the moment that I move on to the other plane from this three-dimensional physical world, what do I wish to have contributed in my life?

“What are the benefits of this event to you, in your life and vision?”

When faced with misfortune or tragedy, it is important for us to detect the divine intention in it and ask ourselves what this affliction is supposed to teach us.

  • What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. Having experienced such traumatic times—being always alert and ready to rush my grandma to the hospital even at 3 am in the morning—I found myself mentally and emotionally stronger and able to manage different situations calmly.
  • I realised that what drove me to overcome my challenges and achieve new heights in other aspects of my life during these tough times was that I wanted to give hope and inspire others that things can always become better in spite of the situation that they are facing.

I am eternally grateful for the support that my mentor and the mentorship team have given me throughout those nine months, which I have no idea how my family and I managed to pull through.

The mentorship programme I am on has changed my life for the better.

It can change yours too. Make the decision to change.

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