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Duplicate, Don’t Complicate!

From 26 to 28 March 2010, I was at a major e-commerce seminar where successful millionaires were sharing success principles with an audience of over 700 would-be-millionaires. As I was taking notes, a thought came to me, “Duplicate, don’t complicate.” All of us wish to succeed, yet some do and some don’t. Why? Over the past seven years of helping and mentoring individuals to succeed, I have concluded that individuals fail because they do not want to follow success principles to the letter.

On the off-beaten path of entrepreneurship, many people start and stop, start and stop, start and stop, and then quit. On the other hand, those who succeed stay on the course, stick to the principles, and figure out how to make it work for them. Why do we discount them when countless books of wisdom—including religious ones—have recorded them in writing? Perhaps too much education has made us dumb and obscured us from the simplicity of becoming rich, so we complicate matters by questioning these proven principles. Instead of duplicating them faithfully, we question them at the first instance of setback and claim that they do not work.

Let us use an established scientific principle, the law of gravity, as example. The Earth is 93 million miles away from the Sun; it is exactly where it should be for life to flourish, held at this exact location by the Sun’s gravitational force. If the Earth is closer or further in excess of just 100,000 miles, we either get burnt by the Sun or frozen to death. Other than taking it for granted, people today do not question the law of gravity simply because its existence has been proven by Isaac Newton. I am certain Newton had conducted numerous experiments to test the theory and validated its existence.

Similarly, success principles have been worked and proven by individuals who have used them to attain great accomplishment. Yet oftentimes, they only share with us their successes but do not communicate the many failures they went through and the numerous corrections they had to make to get the principles to work for them.

Napoleon Hill took 20 years of his life to interview over 500 successful individuals of his time. From this extensive chronicling, he distilled 17 principles for success which were recorded in a lengthy volume, The Law of Success. Another book, Think and Grow Rich, was published subsequently as an introduction to the principles he documented, which I highly recommend reading before starting on the ultimate “bible of success”. This is a bestselling classic that everyone ought to read and re-read at least once every year.

Duplicate its principles; don’t complicate it. Remember, however, to make constant corrections that allow the success principles to function, rather than bang your head against the wall with a single, given approach. In the process, you will figure out what works and what doesn’t. The answer to success lies in your very hands.

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