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Coaching Is About Adding Value

Today I had 2 Aquaspin trainees attend my class to observe how the program is run and how the instructor (me) maintain rapport and keep the class motivated. 

The biggest lesson for me happened at the end of the class when they came up to me and said “Wow your class is so different! It’s not the same as the other Trainers we’ve observed for the previous few weeks. We’ve learnt a lot, thank you!”. 

At first I assumed they say that to every instructor they went to observe in order to leave a good impression and hence increase their chances to be part of the team. So I was thinking to myself, what is it that I’m doing that’s so different from the other Instructors. 

“Different? How so?” I asked. 

They said that all of the other Instructors they’ve observed are doing a lot of hype and motivational cues. But at my class they see more posture cues given, corrections done for clients to Ensure that they aren’t getting themselves hurt. They see me optimising the program by making small tweaks to Ensure that everyone is getting the maximum results by making sure everyone is doing the movements correctly. 

After thanking them for their feedback, I asked myself what is the lesson here? I believe what I’ve been doing all these time for my clients is to add value. I didn’t see myself as an instructor standing on the deck shouting and getting everyone pumped up. I realised that I’m paid to add value to my clients and help them get results every class they attend. If just shouting and motivating would cut it as an instructor, then anyone could do it. But it takes in-depth fitness know-how to be a qualified instructor to help clients get results everyday. 

In my opinion, true value will only happen when

1. the coach/trainer/instructor has a genuine heart to help his/her clients to improve

2. clients see that they are being helped to move closer to their goals 

Coaching is about adding value to clients. 

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